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Image created in 2022
Various (refer details below)
Various (refer details below)

Medium: Giclée on archival smooth cotton rag paper, signed and numbered by the artist

- Small Format: Limited to 100
- Medium Format: Limited to 100
- Large Format: Limited to 100

- Small Format: 75.0cm x 60.0cm
- Medium Format: 95.0cm x 80.0cm
- Large Format: 115.0cm x 100.0cm

- Small Format: AUD $1,680
- Medium Format: AUD $2,250
- Large Format: AUD $2,340

Prices exclude international shipping and applicable import duties / charges. Please contact our gallery and obtain a shipping quote.

Good To Know: Printed to order, artwork is shipped directly from the artist's studio, accompanied by a CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) issued by the artist.

Art Money: 10 payments. 10 months. 0 interest.

For our Australian, American, New Zealand and British clients, we partner with Art Money to make art more accessible, supporting artists and a sustainable creative economy. Art Money allows you to enjoy your artwork now and pay over time. Please contact our gallery for more information.

Arty-Fact: “I love taking photos, I can take anywhere between 30- 50 photos a day.

"My daughter is always saying ‘oh mum not more photos of flowers or ‘what are you photographing?’

"My inspiration comes from all around. Thank god my neighbours gardens are incredible!” ~ Amanda Johnstone

About Amanda Johnstone

Leading mixed media artist, Amanda Johnstone, is pushing artistic boundaries, melding femininity, fashion, pop art and contemporary luxury to create all things ‘bright and shiny’. Inspired by high-end designers, fashion icons, and the finer things in life, her elevated artworks blend rich, striking colours with landscapes, textures, and precious materials.

With a passion for interior design, photography and contemporary art, Amanda’s original pieces combine digital imagery with traditional mediums. Each layer is carefully applied to an underlying giclée print on archival cotton rag paper. Amanda skilfully overlays 24k gold leaf, silver leaf, oil sticks, acrylic paints and charcoal to create an original work. The final result? A multi-dimensional artwork that will truly elevate any living space.

Amanda’s art is a mix of her passions and desires. From feminine nudes to luxury fashion, each piece is designed to celebrate and hero the power of femininity. In the words of the artist:

"My artworks come from passion. Art to me is the soul of the home, the jewellery, essentially the essence of an individual. You can tell a lot about a person from the choices of art they choose to display. To me, my artworks represent who I am. I capture images of my inspirations and layer them into beautiful creations.”

Amanda has diverse training and boasts a strong background in fashion and design, including a degree in fashion design and a diploma in makeup artistry, strongly focused on fashion and film.

Amanda creates art that is fashion, luxury, escapism, colour, pleasure and want.

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