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KEITH HARING V6 400% & 100%

Available from
28 x 10 x 10 cm

Vinyl figure published in 2020 by Medicom Toys. Sent inside its original box.

Haring's work stands out for many things, but one of them is for being unique and recognizable as no other. His works created by bold lines and plain colors compose a universe filled with symbols and icons that have plenty of meanings depending on the context. One of these iconic elements that are recurrent on his work is the heart, meaning, like it couldn't be otherwise, love, but we can also find the heart as a way to express the individual, positiveness and happiness.

These Bearbrick series feature an all over water transfer print, resulting in a different pattern sequence. This means that no two figures are identical so each unit is unique. The print pattern shown on the pictures provided on our site, may be different from the item purchased.

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