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5.149 unique works on paper
21.5 x 30 cm

This is a physical unique work created by Damien Hirst in 2016, being part of his The Currency project, created with enamel paint on handmade paper that has been cut manually, producing spontaneous imperfections and asymmetries.

Just like any other currency, this work has anti-counterfeiting measures that ensure its authenticity. On verso, the work comes hand signed and titled by the artist. It also includes a watermark, a holographic label and a microdot featuring a portrait of the artist. Additional authenticity features include a watermark and a dry stamp with the logo of the artist.

Damien Hirst's The Currency is his biggest and most ambitious project up to date. Back in July 14, 2021 the artist offered 10.000 of unique works sold through NFT. Anyone who acquired an NFT would have a year to decide to keep that NFT or exchange it for the physical work. This has been the biggest poll about NFT vs. physical works.

Results of the polled ended up with 5.149 deciding to keep their original physical works while 4.851 holders decided to keep their NFT works. Here we offer one of these unique physical works.

These works are unique, were created by the artist in 2016 and they have been catalogued with what it is called as neural network. The algorithm makes it possible to set specific features of the work and compares the differences between the different works. Colours, weight, density, drips or texture are some of the characteristics ranked on each work.

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