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Available from
2.853 (1.284 physical + 1.569 NFT)
100 x 100 cm

This is a stunning laminated giclée on aluminium composite panel screen printed with glitter. The work is hand signed and numbered by Damien Hirst on the label on the back. Wu Zetian is a limited edition of 2.853 copies, which includes 1.284 physical works and 1.569 NFT.

Damien Hirst series "Empresses" is an homage to 5 amazing women with a major relevance in history. Little known for western culture, their greatness is celebrated by Hirst.

Wu Zetian has been the only woman to occupy the Chinese throne as an Empress for her own right. Raised in a wealthy family, soon she was recognized for her intelligence and skills and became part of Emperor Taizong harem at the age of 14. Right after Taizong passed away, his son Gaozong occupied the throne and kept Wu as part of his harem. This was pretty strange at that time as the concubines never passed from father to son.

After getting rid of Empress Tang, Wu took her place and took care of most political decisions during her husband's last years. Right after Gaozong death she became the widow and regent empress, but ended up staging a coup and beginning her own dynasty she called Zhou.

For more than a decade, Empress Wu proved to be an able ruler who helped expand the empire's territory, improve education, infrastructure, and the military. Meanwhile, her detractors did not accept that it was a woman who decided the designs of imperial China and began to spread stories about murders, purges and orgies that drew black legend on her.

The truth is that Wu Zetian can be read on both sides of history, stating her as a great and intelligent governor for her country or as a manipulative and ruthless woman with a clear avid for power.

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