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Available from
3.310 (1.657 physical + 1.653 NFT)
100 x 100 cm

This is a stunning laminated giclée on aluminium composite panel screen printed with glitter. The work is hand signed and numbered by Damien Hirst on the label on the back. Suiko is a limited edition of 3.310 copies which includes 1.657 physical works and 1.653 NFT.

Damien Hirst series "Empresses" is an homage to 5 amazing women with a major relevance in history. Little known for western culture, their greatness is celebrated by Hirst.

Empress Suiko was the first woman to ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne, she reigned for 35 years, from 593 to 628. In Japan history only eight women have ruled. Some of her many achievements include the recognition of the Buddhist religion in Japan (Suiko was actually one of the first Buddhist monarchs), the opening of relations with the court in 600, the adoption of the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System in 603 and the adoption of the Seventeen-article constitution in 604.

This work by Damien Hirst has a clear circle like shape. The butterflies are concentrical to a single one in the center. The circle has a special relevance when speaking of buddhism and Japan. It has many interpretations and can be also called Dharma or Enso, depending on the context, and is a symbol that defines Japanese aesthetics and culture. Some terms such as illumination, elegance, universe or emptiness are directly related to the circle.

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