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90 cm X 90 cm

Damien Hirst eloquently describes the dynamic essence of the spots in 'Claridges' (2018) as a surface in motion. This exquisite diasec-mounted giclée print on an aluminium panel, is inspired by an original piece from his 'Colour Space' series (2016).
This series marks an evolution from Hirst's renowned 'Spots', moving from rigidly organised grids to embracing imperfection and the liveliness that emerges from randomness.

The artwork features a white background adorned with spots of varying sizes and bright colors. These spots appear to interact with each other, some overlapping, creating a sense of depth and motion. Notably, 'Claridges' stands out in the series with its enlarged spots, suggesting it is a magnified section of a larger canvas. This approach allows for a detailed exploration of the basic shapes and accentuates their perceived movement.

In 'Claridges', the randomly painted spots collectively create an engaging pattern that seems to swirl and twirl. Each spot is unique, with different paint thicknesses, and some even have a shimmering quality, as though they are freshly painted. The addition of Pollock-esque paint splatters further injects a sense of dynamism and spontaneity, enhancing the artwork's overall vitality and intrigue.

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