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135 of 600
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50 cm x 70 cm
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About Barcode

In Banksy’s Barcode, a signed print released in an edition of 150, a leopard appears to move at speed in the direction of the viewer, while a trailer carrying a large barcode stands behind the animal. Set against a plain beige background, the two elements of the print create a minimalist scene, breaking expectations of compatibility and order.

Broader context

Within the barcode itself, vertical lines are rendered to resemble cage bars, making the leopard look like it’s running away from imprisoning forces. Through this visual choice, Banksy represents the victory of the weak and the vulnerable over the higher mechanisms of power – a recurring theme in his body of work. Belonging to the realm of wildlife but often confined in zoo cages, the leopard conveys a similar message to Banksy's famous monkey character, communicating its belief in a revolution through a sign: laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.

What’s unique about Barcode?

Rendered in Banksy’s iconic stencil style, Barcode provokes a discussion around the issues of power and freedom. Intrinsically linked to the act of shopping, the barcode positions capitalism as a force looming over the freedom of individual beings.

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