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'Road 290124'


Fine art giclée print on Platinum Baryta 300gsm paper, A2 size, edition of 10. All prints are sold unframed, each accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

“Chris Friel’s imagery seems prescient. It's strangely beautiful. It can be unsettling yet inviting. His imagery stays in your mind. Where will this road lead? Could it be the path of creativity itself? I like the wires going out of view into fog or into nothingness. In this image, everything also seems unstable, testing the bravery of the traveller whose eyes we see it through.” David Tregunna, Director, IAP Fine Art

Chris Friel was born in Bristol in 1959. Alongside a successful career as a documentary sound recordist for film and television, Friel also worked as a painter. In 2006, in order to photograph his work for an exhibition, Friel acquired an early digital camera and quickly became fascinated with the creative potential of digital photography. He then abandoned painting altogether and dedicated himself to photography, a medium which allowed him the immediacy he craved. Over the last seventeen years, Friel has taken more than two million photographs, experimenting with ever-evolving digital and in-camera techniques. Since 2020, he has begun using AI programs to splice, distort and replicate his own images – a process which the artist says has “changed everything”.

Friel's work has been shown all over the world, including at the South Bank Centre, London, in the Santiago Subway in Chile, and projected behind the London Sinfonietta at the Royal Festival Hall. His pictures have been featured in The Times, The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone Magazine, to name but a few, and he has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times Landscape Photographer of the Year award three times. Friel has collaborated with many other artists: from classical composer, Kevin Kastning, to French post-rock band, Les Discrets, and most recently, the poet, S.J. Finn. His photographs have also appeared on numerous book and album covers.

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