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Various (refer details below)
Various (refer details below)

Medium: Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305gsm paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

- Small Format: Limited to 50 + 2 AP
- Medium Format: Limited to 25 + 2 AP
- Large Format: Limited to 15 + 2 AP
- XL Format: Limited to 10 + 2 AP
- XXL Format: Limited to 5 + 2 AP

- Small Format: 33.33cm x 50.0cm
- Medium Format: 46.67cm x 70.0cm
- Large Format: 66.67cm x 100.0cm
- XL Format: 93.33cm x 140.0cm
- XXL Format: 133.33cm x 200.0cm

Good To Know:
- Printed to order by Colorfoto Laboratory, Lisbon
- A 5.0cm margin is added to enable better framing options
- Each print is finished with a protective spray that creates a fine film on the paper without altering its structure. This coating preserves the pigment / ink colours and contains a UV absorber to help prevent fading.
- CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) signed by the artist

- Small Format: €500
- Medium Format: €1,500
- Large Format: €3,500
- XL Format: €5,000
- XXL Format: €9,000

Prices exclude international shipping and applicable import duties / charges. Please contact our gallery to obtain a shipping quote.

Series: Someone, Somewhere, Somehow

Arty-Fact: “Sometimes I have fully formed ideas in the night and I write them down. Or I have something that sits in the back of my mind for a while. But the magic happens in the studio with the model. I stretch to wherever they want to go. A lot of models I work with tell me how they’ve been able to work through things affecting their life by us working together.” - João de Castro

About Joäo de Castro

João de Castro grew up in a world of contrasts during the 1960s and 1970s. On one side, he received a strict, classical education that instilled in him a sense of discipline and order. On the other, his childhood was vibrantly coloured by the company of intellectuals, artists, musicians, horse riders and car racers, providing him with a rich, eclectic background and a profoundly inspiring environment.

In 1985, João began his career in the editorial and advertising industries, initially as a photographer and producer, before expanding his role to include managing and serving as the art director of his own advertising agency. His early professional years were marked by a broad exploration of creative avenues.

By 1994, João had discovered his unique creative voice, dedicating himself entirely to nude photography and becoming the first Portuguese photographer to do so. His work quickly garnered attention, and he was soon invited to share his insights and experiences through press articles, workshops, lectures, conferences and exhibitions. Over the years, he balanced multiple roles with aplomb, including those of photographer, teacher, editor and producer.

From 2005 to 2010, João's expertise was recognised through sponsorships and consulting roles with major companies such as Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe and Hahnemühle. He played a pivotal role in cultural projects and helped educate photographers about the digital photography revolution. His excellence in the field was acknowledged through the receipt of the Award for Professional Merit from the Professional Association of Photographers and the Federation of European Professional Photographers three times consecutively between 2008 and 2010.

Having established a strong domestic reputation, João shifted his focus towards his personal artistic endeavours and expanding his international presence. To date, his work has been showcased in 49 exhibitions and is included in numerous collections. He has also received several prestigious international awards, including the Black & White Spider, IPA and Monochrome Awards.

Despite his achievements, João's connection to his heritage came later in life. He is a member of the renowned Novaes family, prominent figures in Portuguese photography since before 1874. The Novaes family's contributions spanned across significant historical periods, including the Monarchy, the rise of the Republic, Estado Novo, and were particularly noted for their photographic and artistic innovations. Interestingly, João had limited contact with his family and did not consider a career in photography until he turned 18, demonstrating that his passion and success were as much a product of personal discovery as they were of familial legacy.

João's favourite quote, which deeply resonates with him, is by Federico Fellini: "Like many people, I have no religion, and I am just sitting in a small boat drifting with the tide. I live in doubts of my duty…I think there is dignity in these, just to go on working…I want to bring people to something new, to find images I’m not fed up with. I want to excite people's curiosity." This sentiment captures the essence of his own journey through life, marked by a ceaseless quest for meaning and a fervent desire to ignite curiosity in others.

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