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We are interested in original content in form of critical reviews of relevant shows and events that are shaking up the art world. Focusing on the contemporary and urban art, we aim to connect with our worldwide readership, covering interesting exhibitions and exciting art events. If you have an art review or an interview you would like published, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Your text should be 500 - 1500 words long, informative, proofread and divided into paragraphs. Avoid generalizations, unsupported claims or ramblings. We welcome your critical opinion and are not prone to censorship of any kind, as long as the argument is clear and well-based.

Photo requirements

In addition to your text, we require no less than 5 landscape-oriented images. Please, avoid portrait-oriented images. All images must be saved in a JPEG format and at least 900px wide, preferably larger, in 72dpi web quality at least. Photos must be without blurs or smudges of any kind.

Videos are always a welcome addition to an article! Please, supply the link from either Youtube or Vimeo, citing the correct copyright. Widewalls holds the rights to decide on its publishing policy and cannot guarantee that every submission will run. Only the authors of accepted articles will be contacted.

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