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Hidden Messages ~ An Online Exhibition by the Skye Brothers

Visit the event's website Date: Fri 5th Jun 2020 to Fri 4th Sep 2020 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Hidden Messages ~ An Online Exhibition by the Skye Brothers Gallery Shows
The first thing you need to know is: colour. All paintings in the series are rendered in black, white and gold, but every painting is different. Examining the duality of life (black and white), and the role of the divine (gold), the Skye Brothers take a penetrating look at the stories we tell ourselves, and the truth that lies beneath them, through their unwavering monochromatic and metallic lens. Masterfully executed in layers that are added to or revealed, their paintings are beckoning us to explore what’s being covered up and what’s hiding in plain sight.

The Skye Brothers are as sweet as they are shocking. Made up of pop culture disruptors slash part-time poets, brothers Liam and Noah are here to make us choose what matters. And they’ll just keep on encouraging us to choose right until their dying breath so you may as well listen: “It’s not that we need a wake-up call, it’s about noticing what we’re waking up to. The world is in chaos for people everyday, but in every moment we stand on it there is the capacity for heaven on earth.”

All at once, their artworks are giving us a good shaking while we’re being stroked, to see what will make us sit up and take notice. But there’s no message to share. The Skye Brothers want us to generate our own. “We’re not here to give you meaning. As soon as you give something a definition you’re side-tracked; you’re missing everything else. Sometimes it’s not about taking things too seriously and just being right now. The simplest things are the purest. That’s divine.”

Like the devices used in a Brechtian play, the almost invisible phrases buried in the canvas as matte paint plays against gloss, or the starkly handwritten statements that proclaim themselves in the artwork, the audience is being distracted with titles and labels so they don’t dive too deep in their emotional response. Instead, they’re being invited to practice some reflective detachment; a more constructive mind-set from which to gather the intel on our souls and make changes we need.

Noah and Liam work in a symbiosis that makes their work alive, even when it’s finished and hanging on a wall. Working in unspoken union, they complete work energetically, moving around and responding to what each other has created on the canvas, practicing the detachment required in knowing that someone might paint over what you’ve created. And that it might be a little bit - not better or worse, just different - for it. “The continuous process of destruction and creation that we undertake – you just learn to let go. The beauty is in the flow.”

So take a closer look. Explore the Hidden Messages exhibition.

Viewing the artwork is simple. If you are using a mobile or tablet to view the exhibition, please first download the Exhibbit App (App Store or Google Play) and then follow the 'Hidden Messages' link above.

The scroll bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to move to each painting in any order you like or use the interactive screen function to direct your movement. A button on the top right of the screen reveals a drop-down of information about each particular artwork, as well as pricing.

Happy browsing!