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Visit the event's website Date: Sat 18th Jun 2022 to Sun 31st Jul 2022 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for #INYAFACE 4 Gallery Shows
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ma kou alo
i ansiktet ditt
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In ya face

What constitutes a controversial or provocative work of art? From political, social and environmental topics to questioning the art itself, inspired conversations are evoked by art that is in your face.

#INYAFACE is back! Now in its fourth edition, this virtual exhibition brings you a global melting pot of pop and urban art to tickle your senses.

Addicted Art Gallery is delighted to present you with this visual feast featuring boundary-pushing artists, including:

Ben Frost - Booda Brand - Charlie Haydn Taylor - Dan Witz - FAILE - Formento & Formento - Formento x Pastor - Greg Beebe - HUSH - Joe Webb - Markus Klinko - Martin Whatson - Mojoko x Eric Foenander - Nick Walker - PREFAB77 - Pure Evil - RoamCouch - Shepard Fairey - SNIK - STATIC - Tinker Brothers

As Banksy said, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” so get comfortable and perhaps prepare to be disturbed and join us for #INYAFACE 4:

Date: 18 June - 31 July
Time: At Your Leisure
Place: Wherever you are
Bring: Popcorn, chocolate, cocktails
Where: 3D Gallery ????

#INYAFACE (in your face): Blatantly aggressive or provocative; impossible to ignore or avoid.

Got a question? Get #INOURFACE at or and ask away! Don’t be shy.