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Tunku Khalsom: The Butterfly Effect

Visit the event's website Date: Mon 3rd Oct 2022 to Sat 31st Dec 2022 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Tunku Khalsom: The Butterfly Effect Gallery Shows
Butterflies have captured the imagination of artists for centuries, think back as far as the ancient Greeks who linked them to the human soul. This fascination continues with Tunku Khalsom.

An Interior Architecture graduate (2006), Khalsom has a background in design, but in recent years has been firmly focused on her dynamic art. As a self-taught abstract artist, she is revered for her work which exudes fluidity and stunning colour, whilst embracing the concepts of life, love and change.

Khalsom's mantra is, "always changing, always growing" and is expressed through the movement in her art, working predominantly with inks for their perfect fluid nature.

Bright, bold colours evoke different emotions, having the power to alter moods and thoughts. It's this relationship with colour that Khalsom uses to make her pieces come to life.

Skulls and butterflies are the recurring motifs used to represent her ideas. Combined with her love of colour, Khalsom's highly dynamic and artistic creations stem from an appreciation for life and joy. Her art stands out, is noticed and truly makes a statement.

"My work is themed around contrast and change. I look to create something that's both beautiful and 'ugly' using bold contrasting colours, shimmers and hues alongside rough, cracked, abrasive textures.

"It's this relationship that I want to focus on, the idea that something damaged or broken can also be beautiful.

"Life is constantly changing, as humans, we experience moments of love, joy, contentment, as well as moments of despair, heartbreak and loss. We are forever growing and evolving, whether we realise it or not. Our ideals change, our behaviour, our propensities, and the butterflies signify just that - a metamorphosis, or the concept of growing up."

Khalsom's works have been exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair (Singapore). They are also in the homes of private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, London, USA, Brunei, Australia, and Greece.

"In my art, I'm looking for beauty in the chaos, beauty in the imperfections."~ Khalsom

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