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Greg Beebe: Continuous Creation, When Art and Life Knows No Separation

Visit the event's website Date: Wed 1st Mar 2023 to Mon 1st May 2023 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Greg Beebe: Continuous Creation, When Art and Life Knows No Separation Gallery Shows
Art can be a channel to release thoughts and feelings that accumulate in other aspects of life or a response to them. This is not the case for Greg Beebe. This Miami-based mixed media artist is also a successful entrepreneur who approaches his art practice with the same intention as his business interests… with an unstoppable impulse to create. While his work feeds his art, his art also complements the thinking that generates his investments. Whether building a business entity or expressing an idea using various techniques and materials on canvas, there is no separation between artist and entrepreneur. And that is the beauty of Beebe's art – the purposeful fulfilment of inherent skills. The result is honest commentary that promotes the power of positivity and the pursuit of creation in any form.

"I can move from one tool to another quite easily," explains Greg. "Whether it's mapping out a business idea on my laptop or picking up a paintbrush to start telling a story, it's all pretty fluid.

"Positive and energetic messaging is my key focus. I want to create artwork from a personal feeling of motivation or positivity. For example, seeing people work hard or working hard myself and achieving something is gratifying to me, so I want to create a piece of artwork that might give the viewer a piece of what I'm feeling," remarked Greg.

While the general theme that infuses Greg's work is positivity, each piece's specific message, elements and composition is fresh and handled differently each time.

"I deliver my message in a few forms: direct messaging, direct imagery and heavy use of colour and texture to bring the message to life." ~ Greg Beebe

Addicted Art Gallery proudly presents: "Greg Beebe: Continuous Creation, When Art and Life Know No Separation."

We invite you to explore and enjoy the wonderful artwork on display. Take a virtual tour through the show and immerse yourself in the creativity and passion of the artist. We hope you find inspiration and joy in this visual feast.

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