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Joåo de Castro: Let's Give Them Something To Talk About

Visit the event's website Date: Fri 28th Jun 2024 to Mon 30th Sep 2024 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Joåo de Castro: Let's Give Them Something To Talk About Gallery Shows
Addicted Art Gallery proudly presents João de Castro's provocative and intimate photography exhibition, "Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About." João's fine art photography transcends mere sexuality, capturing moments where power seamlessly shifts from photographer to subject, epitomising liberation and authenticity.

In this exhibition, João's lens reveals women in their most intimate and raw states—naked, alone, and seemingly unaware of the viewer's gaze. These high contrast black-and-white images, characterised by dramatic lighting and striking composition, celebrate the subjects' uninhibited self-expression. João's unique relationship with his models fosters a safe space where they can explore and unleash their true identities without judgment.

João's journey into photography is as compelling as his work. Growing up amidst a rich cultural tapestry and surrounded by his father's collection of iconic female images, João developed a profound appreciation for bold female figures. His career began in editorial and advertising photography, but it wasn't until 1994 that he dedicated himself to nude photography, becoming a pioneering figure in Portugal.

With a career spanning decades, João has balanced roles as a photographer, teacher, editor and producer. His expertise has been recognised through numerous awards and collaborations with major companies. Despite his achievements, João remains driven by a passion for discovery and a desire to ignite curiosity in others, embodying the spirit of his favourite quote by Federico Fellini, "Like many people, I have no religion, and I am just sitting in a small boat drifting with the tide. I live in doubts of my duty…I think there is dignity in these, just to go on working…I want to bring people to something new, to find images I’m not fed up with. I want to excite people's curiosity.”

Join us at Addicted Art Gallery to experience João de Castro's evocative photography, where each image invites viewers to delve deeper into the subjects' stories and emotions, offering a powerful commentary on beauty, strength and liberation.

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