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Address / Location
209 Oakbrook Road
United Kingdom
S11 7EB
Phone +447927222468
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Helix Gallery, UK

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Helix Gallery will be bringing some great urban and contemporary art to Sheffield, displaying art from several artists at a time for the time being and then moving into single artist shows in 2018. Helix Gallery is owned and managed by Craig Mills, former partner in the much loved and missed Signal Gallery which was located in Hoxton, London. ‚Äč

Signal Gallery was open for 8 great years and enjoyed showing works by leading international artists, not limited to John Squire, Shepard Fairey, Guy Denning, Matt Small and many other great artists in the art world. We've been lucky enough to be joined by some former Signallers: RAE, Dale Grimshaw and Andrew Kinsman. They are all very welcome!