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Vices and glory of Emanuele Tozzoli

Category: Artists in Focus

Emanuele Tozzoli, an Italian mixed media artist, fuses themes of abstraction, cubism, and impressionism to create ethereal, viscerally intriguing pieces.

Emanuele discovered painting in the very first years of his life together with his father, Dario, who is also an artist and has been painting and creating sculptures with all types of material for over 40 years. At the age of 7, Tozzoli created his first small sculpture by assembling objects, and painted his first informal abstracts, discovering a side of creative and fascinating art. Deeply attracted by the most intimate nature of artistic research, in the following years, he extended his studies to the field of music, forming adolescence as a sound engineer. From 2007 he began composing electronic music, carrying out his research in the field of sound. In the following years, he studied musical composition and played his productions in clubs in Italy and Europe, also published on various underground record labels. He learned the restoration of antique woodworking in his grandfather's workshop and, for about 10 years, he also worked as a decorator and restorer of wall paintings together with the Turin art master Silvio Scarafiotti. In these years of learning and work he refines his manual skills, learns the peculiarities of color and probes the depths of the composition.

Emanuele elaborates a unique working method that summarizes all the experiences gained in the artistic and working field. Tozzoli creates many striking impressionist scenes through the tactile use of acrylics, spray paint and oil pastels, where portraiture meets symbolism and cubism meets color. Tozzoli also experiments with wall enamels, collages, and plays with the many niches and methods of expression. His colorful and conceptual, often whimsically fragmented and faded works enable the viewer to interpret and muse in complete freedom and depth of perception, his non-prescriptive style and aura leave a lot to the individual's interpretation.

In his paintings, he uses an instinctive and visceral workflow, through which he creates a deep connection between his inner part and the present moment. He lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, in which each painting becomes the materialization of an introspective, dreamlike and extravagant world. He uses a recurring symbology characteristic of his style that recalls the original forms of childhood.

I live my art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, a door to the understanding of the subtle teachings of this reality. My technique and my artistic world are the summaries of all the experiences gained in the field of art and music over the years. I love to mix materials, shapes, and colors as if they were sounds in a musical composition, observing the fascinating bonds that derive from them. I use every type of material, mainly acrylic paints, oil pastels, spray paints, markers, pens, pencils, wall glazes, and collages. My paintings are the result of an instinctive and visceral workflow, a complete sensory experience based on non-control where shapes and colors are perceived not only with the eyes but also with subtler senses. For me, painting means letting what comes from the depth flow freely, becoming part of a primitive and instinctive flow with which wild energy is impressed in the compositional act. This method comes from the deep connection between my inner part and the present moment. The painting then becomes the materialization of an abstract and dreamlike interior world, sometimes extravagant and eccentric, a key with which the unconscious communicates with me, revealing often unknown messages. Using a recurring symbology, which recalls the original forms of childhood, I love to combine the extremes, like peaceful and comforting pastel colors, with sharp shapes often reduced to a set of lines or facial expressions laden with tension and emotion. All this creates a sort of paradox that arouses ambivalent and often indecipherable feelings.

~ Emanuele Tozzoli

By JM Art Management