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Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a Pin!

Imitate Modern and The Tax Collection are pleased to present our next collaborative event “Romeo, Romeo! Drop me a Pin.” Since the discovery of the remains from the Curtain theatre, just
behind the gallery space of Imitate Modern, archeologists have been working on the preservation of this historical place. The building development site belongs to Imitate Moderns’ collaborator Galliard Homes and was an absolutely breathtaking moment! Some of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, "Romeo & Juliet" and "Hamlet", were performed in this theatre over 400 years ago.

To celebrate the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist, Imitate Modern and The Tax Collection will onceagain curate for an unforgettable art exhibition– a contemporary twist on Shakespeare’s mostrenowned plays. Curated by The Tax Collection and Creative Director of Imitate Modern Caroline Argirakos, the newly commissioned works for this historical exhibition will be on display at Imitate Modern's gallery space in the heart of Shoreditch.

Thursday Sept. 19th
18:00 - 21:00
The Stage
2-4 Fairchild Place
Shoreditch, London

We will also celebrate the launch of the newly designed showroom apartments at The Stage, designed by Nicola Fontanella, where the exhibition will continue. Fontanella has designed the exclusive homes of Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Guy Richie and many more.

Imitate Modern prides themselves on being "A contemporary London art gallery with a difference", showcasing emerging artists from around the world since 2011. Ranging from photography to pop silkscreen and paintings - they strive to globally"exhibit edgy, exciting and emerging artists." Founded in 2015, The Tax Collection is a multi - modal creative platform acting as a catalyst for emerging and established artists. The Tax Collection and Imitate Modern have previously collaborated on Futurama, the inaugural exhibition at Imitate Modern’s new Shoreditch gallery, The Stage.


Contemporary Costa Rican painter, John Paul Fauves engages in his paintings questions of identity as they relate to art history as well as our everyday interactions with mainstream culture and social media. Greatly inspired by modernist masters as well as pop-artists, Fauves mixes fragments of different iconic images in vivid and colourful compositions. Of his experimental and high eclectic style, he says: “art is an expression from the soul, and the soul is something limitless. This is why I am always searching for different elements to bring into the work.”

Dimitri Likissas’ (Based in his home of Greece) work stems from a long tradition of using distinct dots of color in art, which the viewer’s mind blends together to create the final image. Playing with chromatic tonality and the dissection of visual planes, Dimitri creates works that seem to move and undulate within the canvas as if attempting to escape their two dimensional confines. While the dots work together in harmony to create the image, their circular nature acts in opposition to his square or rectangular canvases, reminding us of the basic elements of life and how atoms are in a constant movement – propelling against each other – creating matter itself.

London-based artist Sara Pope is well known for her bold, seductive paintings of voluptuous lips. Taking inspiration from Haute Couture fashion and beauty trends, she captures the glamour and power conveyed by the lips and mouth, raising questions about ideals of beauty and femininity.

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