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Banksy Exhibition starts today - Lionel Gallery, Amsterdam 20/06/16 - 20/05/15

Lionel Gallery: Banksy exhibition 20/06/15 - 20/07/15.

Global Art Traders would like to remind you that many wonderful Banksy artworks are on display at the Lionel Gallery Banksy exhibition in Amsterdam, Holland. Starting today, the exhibition will showcase more than 10 original works by Banksy, as well as most of his print releases to date.

Banksy has grown in stature on a global scale and is now a firm favourite with art lovers from all over the world. Many influential collectors now view Banksy as a great artist and a serious investment opportunity.

There is a fantastic selection of Banksy artworks available from many of our member galleries (including Lionel Gallery) on Global Art Traders. Please click on the images for further details.