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Connor Brothers - 19/11/2015 | New release in aid of the refugee crisis

The Connor Brothers are preparing to return to 'The Jungle' refugee camp in Calais to build more shelters for the people living there. This will be their third visit to ?The Jungle and they are funding their trip by releasing a limited edition print, all of the proceeds of which will go to providing aid to refugees in Calais.

'With the onset of winter conditions are deteriorating quickly in The Jungle. Much more help is needed to ensure that the people living their have somewhere safe and dry to sleep. We are returning there on November 30th for a week with the goal of building twenty shelters.'

-The Connor Brothers

'whatever you do will be insignificant'
gicelee print with silkscreen varnish, on archival paper
edition of 125
41 x 26 cm unframed
£120.00 - all proceeds from the sale of this print edition will go towards the continued projects in aid of the refugee crisis.

YOu can buy the print HERE