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Banksy Screenprints, inc Nola, NBG, Trolley Hunters, CYW and Kate Moss

Banksy Screenprints.

Banksy began his career as underground graffiti artist in Bristol, England, c. 1989; His first solo exhibition was held at the London gallery Cargo in 2001 and his first U.S. exhibition was held in Los Angeles, CA, in 2006.

Since then, Banksy's popularity has soared and he is by far the biggest name in urban / street art today. Banksy V Bristol museum in 2009, and Dismaland in 2015, were massive projects which drew much attention from all over the world.

Banksy has not released a print to the general public since 2010, meaning the value and rarity of such pieces has soared. Many collectors see Banksy as a major art investment opportunity, thus his most popular pieces are very difficult to track down these days. We are lucky enough to have some great pieces available from galleries and dealers from around the world.

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