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Static 'Press Play' Until 13 Feb 2016 | Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London

Our friends at DAB recently attended the preview of PRESS PLAY which is a show by the STATIC duo currently showing at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London which runs from the 13.01.2016 to 13.02.2016. The show pays homage to the 80s sub-culture of computer games, which drew in its player in with bold and simple graphics. The show is constructed and displayed with framed pieces made in layered perspex to give each piece a 3d effect. Old favorites like the ever addictive Tetris and Space Invaders make an appearance. Static have build on the image of Game On, which is a large Space Invader mural set in Walthamstow as part of the Wood Street Walls project which puts on workshops and community initiatives for the local community.

The work is bold and blends other materials such as lego, all of which hits you as soon as you walk in. DABs has an affection for these simpler gaming days, as he is of an age when he remembers their first inception. Those days of spending paper round money on table top machines in a converted cab office in Chingford spring to mind, and having that sound of pacman and Mario going through your head most of the day. The exhibition is Nostalgic and for the Binatone age. Yet this work and imagery will no doubt gain many new followers.

The show runs to the 13/02/2016. For more information and PDF of work click HERE

Static website HERE

Thanks to DAB (Dibbs Art Blog) for providing the news and fantastic pictures. You can visit Dibbs Art Blog HERE