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New Release

Print Release L.E.T. "Magnetic Magic Summer"

Visit the event's website Date: Tue 12th Nov 2019 This event was listed by: Pretty Portal, Germany
Image for Print Release L.E.T. "Magnetic Magic Summer" New Release
We are very happy to announce the print release of L.E.T.´s latest edition "Magnetic Magic Summer".
The edition was hand sprayed by L.E.T. with 7 layer stencil and finished with a one layer screen print at OneofThem Screenprint Studio. Due to the process all pieces are slightly different and unique.

The edition will be released tomorrow (12.November), 4pm and will be available via
L.E.T. "Magnetic Magic Summer"
Spray paint/Stencils and screen print on Somerset Velvet
76 x 56cm / 200€