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Vim Vitae: The Journey Within ~ An Online Exhibition of Uplifting Work by Lara Scolari. Until 08 Aug 2020

Visit the event's website Date: Fri 8th May 2020 to Sat 8th Aug 2020 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Vim Vitae: The Journey Within ~ An Online Exhibition of Uplifting Work by Lara Scolari. Until 08 Aug 2020 Gallery Shows
When the four walls close in it’s time to find a window into another world. One where love, sweet love is not just for some but for everyone. We’re inviting you to immerse yourself in spectacular colours, layers of wonder and prisms of light right where you are. Join us for an online exhibition exploring the energetic work of Australian abstract expressionist, Lara Scolari.

Lara’s current body of work, Vim Vitae captures the life force that bubbles and bursts invisibly all around us, and burns just as brightly in our body and minds even as we sit still; especially as we sit still. Celebrating our creative energy Lara’s paintings are a reminder that renewal is a constant available to all of us. Her signature organic motifs are conjured into shape with rope and other natural materials and rendered in swirls of ink up to 40 layers deep.

The effect is like looking into the deep through crystal clear waters - we can’t change the nature of things but we can shift our perception and evolve. “I create landscapes of life force,” explains Lara. “I’m tapping into vibrations and responding to the moment,” which can be felt in the dynamic brushstrokes and shapes that echo something bubbling under the surface.

“What gives me the greatest joy is seeing the effect that the paintings have on a viewer. The energy of my work prompts a dialogue that continues between the art work and the person observing it, long after I’ve finished. And each time they look at it, it seems to change, like the quality of stained glass,” says Lara.

In a time when it’s easy to doubt, Lara reminds us of the richness of our scenery and interior spaces. Her bold use of colour, depth of layers and energetic movement encourage us to give reverence and gratitude, rather than wallow in scarcity. Her paintings feel like a celebration; an uplifting of the ordinary that allows us to see beauty in the every day.

Please enjoy the show!

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