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Markus Klinko: Exposed and Uncensored

Visit the event's website Date: Wed 4th Jan 2023 to Tue 28th Feb 2023 This event was listed by: Addicted Art Gallery, Singapore
Image for Markus Klinko: Exposed and Uncensored Gallery Shows
Markus Klinko is an award-winning international fashion / celebrity photographer and director who has worked with many of today's most iconic film, music and fashion stars.

"The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.” - Marilyn Monroe

Nude art photography has long been a source of intrigue and inspiration for many. Its origins are believed to date back to the early 19th century when photographers took pictures of nude models in more than scientific settings. Over the years, this type of art has evolved into an increasingly sophisticated and varied form.

Nude photography captures moments of beauty, intimacy, vulnerability and drama in ways beyond any other artistic medium. It captivates viewers with its raw beauty and power.

Enter celebrity and fashion photographer Markus Klinko. Markus' body of work extends beyond the fashion world and includes projects focused on nude photography. His works are characterised by bold colours, unique angles and creative lighting to capture various moods and emotions. His photographs provide an intimate look into the beauty of the human body, redefining traditional boundaries in the art world.

From a burlesque dancer to an adult film star, Markus has captured celebrities and models at their most powerful - exposed and uncensored.

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